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The Bridgeport Creden-ZzZ Cabinet Bed - Queen Size

The Bridgeport Creden-ZzZ Cabinet Bed - Queen Size

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The Bridgeport Creden-ZzZ cabinet bed is inspired by midcentury modern design, and features clean lines and a fresh two-tone finish. The warm tones of the natural pine veneer contrast with a darker solid wood frame. True to midcentury modern style the framing accentuates the rectangular, geometric shapes of the drawer and front panel.
The flip top gives sleeper plenty of head room while keeping a low easy-to-use top surface. Simply move items to the back to flip open the top. Latches and safety chain are hidden inside for a clean exterior look.

• Small foot print is 40% smaller than sleeper sofas
• Free-standing cabinet, no need to bolt to floor or walls
• Usable top surface with specialty hinge allows top to stay open without removing items
• No bar in your back or rolling to the middle with
two sleepers
• Roomy storage drawer holds pillows and bedding
• Comes with standard 60 x 80, 6-inch thick queen mattress
• Low cost alternative to murphy bed
• Supports 500 pounds, comfortable for two adults
• Easy to open and close

Queen size dimensions:
W 64 x D 23 x H 42, opens to 81 inches.

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